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ARTICLE: Why None Of Our Favourite Celebrities Are Members Of The Illuminati...

ARTICLE: Why None Of Our Favourite Celebrities Are Members Of The Illuminati...

Anybody who frequents blog sites will know that you can't go a day without seeing various celebrities being accused of being members of the Illuminati. Indeed, you will most often see variants in the comments section of the below examples:

'Illuminati wh***. Wake up, people!'

'There is so much symbolism in this video/photo/song it's ridiculous'

'Didn't you hear ______ say it him/her self on _____?'

'______ worships the devil'

'____ supports the devil/the illuminati/ the freemasons ' - or all three.

The funny thing is that, the vast majority of those making these claims are simply parroting what they've read on the internet, or (as is more common, nowadays) seen on YouTube videos. They actually have no clue about what the Illuminati actually is or what it stands for.

So, in the following argument we intend to attempt to separate the fact from the fiction, the reality from the folklore.

First off, the Illuminati - a term most like to throw around with no idea of its ramifications - has nothing to do with satanic worship or the Devil. In fact, it is a known fact among the learned that the word itself stems from the Latin 'illuminatus' which means 'enlightened'. It was originally used to refer to the Bavarian Illuminati - who were an Enlightenment-era secret society - and were made up of 'freethinkers'. It was in no way a 'secret club to worship the Devil'. In fact, many respected artists, architects and scientists of the day were members. Lastly, it only existed for about the span of a decade before its downfall.

So, just what is this 'Illuminati' that many refer to with such negativity? Well, there have been numerous writers who have fed conspiracy theorists' beliefs that the secret society didn't die out, but rather evolved and started focussing on something many of you will have heard about - the infamous 'New World Order' (or NWO as we will hereby be referring to it). According to these people, the Illuminati's Modus operandi implies that they are trying to implement an organisation to govern the planet as a whole - this NWO. Indeed many of these authors believe that the UN, first formed post WWII in 1945, was just the start of this implementation and that, at an unspecified time, the rest of the plan will fall into place.

This fear could be said to be rooted in the Book Of Ezekiel, the Book Of Daniel and the Book Of Revelations. These books asserted that humanity would fall under the the control of agents of the Devil and that, in turn, the Unholy Trinity (Satan, the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet) would be at the centre of an evil cult. In turn, some modern Christian conspiracy theorists have expanded on this claim, citing it as evidence for the creation of the UN and accusing the Pope, secretary-general of the UN and various gurus of the 'new-age' movement as being the incarnations of the Unholy Trinity. Indeed, this appears to be the central reasoning behind many people's belief that the Illuminati, or the very similar society, the Free Masons, are the realisation of the Bible's predictions.  

However, on the other hand, one must question the so-called 'proof' many claim to have that the Illuminati/Free Masons are in fact the 'cult' the Bible was referring to. In truth, there is actually very little actual evidence that these groups are centred around Satanic worship or, in fact, still exist at all.

But, for the sake of argument, let us assume that these groups are still around and, as some claim, indeed want to implement this NWO. Isn't it therefore also safe to assume that, in order to achieve this, these groups will need three things; Money, Power and a Planetary Government?

Let us discuss the first. Money is something that is, for some, in abundance in the western hemisphere. If the Illuminati wants to have a strong support base and the funds for their worldwide takeover, they will have to have members with a lot of money. And this is where the first discrepancy over Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and company's alleged membership comes into play. The aforementioned artists simply don't have enough money to be of any real use. The Illuminati is going to want Bill Gates, Lakshmi Mittal type money - we're talking BILLIONS and multiple BILLIONS at that. Not the odd few hundred mill in the bank. They're going to need to convince those people to join, along with the owners of huge banks or companies such as JP Morgan, not rapstars and singers with a few #1s.

Secondly, Power. Let us face facts; much as we all love our favourite artists, Jay, Kanye, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc simply do not have the kind of power that matters to a centuries-old society whose main goal is to essentially take over the world. Sure, they can sell us music, concert tickets and, at the most, hair products, trainers and cars. But convincing almost 7 billion people to accept a planetary government? Do 7 billion people know these celebrities even exist? The kind of power the Illuminati will need is that of presidents, prime ministers, royal families - the people that can invoke real change by changing laws and signing world-changing treaties. In essence, they'll be aiming to recruit Barack Obama not Beyonce.

Lastly, a planetary government. If you honestly think the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga - fabulous as they are - would be able to implement such a thing, we genuinely pity you. At the most, they could create a record label. With a lot of luck, perhaps even a corporation as big as Rocafella or Bad Boy, but that's about it. They wouldn't be able to sign agreements or sit in the UN, let alone 'take over the world'. Again, you would need the likes of David Cameron and Barack Obama.

Just say it to yourself aloud, now: 'Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Jay Z are all members of a secret society that want to take over the world'. It sounds ridiculous, because it is ridiculous. Even in the likelihood of such a 'cult' existing, we can almost guarantee you that enlisting popstars and other celebrities would not be at the top of their list of priorities. Simply having a few funny symbols in your videos or photos does not make you a devil worshipper.

And what does this say about us as a society? That we believe anybody successful must have signed a deal with the Devil to become so. As Christians, we know that anything and everything is possible with God. What does it say about your faith in Him if you believe that the only way one can succeed is via a pact with Satan?

Think about that, and the other points mentioned above, before accusing a musician of being a member of a shadowy secret society, a satanic tool, or both.


  1. Thanks for posting this article. This matter needed to be addressed! Hopefully people will listen & learn and stop feeding into these pseudo conspiracy theorists.

  2. Thanx for posting this. This should open the eyes of some people. Everything is possible with God on your side.

  3. I hope when people read this they keep an open mind! i'm glad someone finally address this mad ness, because people are taking it too far, this is a big assumption to make on someone, so unless you were there worshipping the devil with them, or they came & told u personally,& u got it on records & everything clearly. keep it cute! thanks for posting, this was great & certainly educational!

  4. It's sad people think SUCCESS of all things come from the devil. I guess you have to be poor or on average income to not be accused of worshiping the devil.

  5. THANK YOU!!
    i've been hearing about this "worshipping the devil" shit for a whle now and its reeally starting to get on my nerves.. its like because rihanna dies her hair red she worships the devil or something??
    its such complete crap and so funny that some people could believe this and jus shows how stupid they really are... sorry people but Beyonce Jay Z Lady Gaga Rihanna and whoever else DO NOT worship the devil.

  6. This article is everything!!! Definitely one of my favorites. RT'D it to all my followers!

  7. can i just say thank you for this article because the illuminati talk was becoming ridiculous. Most people who claim rihanna, beyonce and gaga are apart of the illuminati dont even know what on earth the illuminati is,they are just repeating what they have heard from other people and that's our problem with our generation the just believe everything they see on tv and read on the internet which most of the time is not true.instead of actually researching what the illuminati is themselves.

  8. Allie (Mslonestarstate)15 August 2010 at 00:50

    Thanks for posting this article, it is so on point and everything you said is so true! It's sad that people throw this whole Illuminati theory around when in fact 90% of the people talking about it have no idea what the hell it really is. It's actually quite sad that people are so easily influenced.

    I just wanna to scream from the top of a mountain THESE PEOPLE DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL NOW GO PICK ON SOMEONE ELSE and leave our favorite artist alone!


  9. smh........that's all i can do!

  10. Finally, someone speaks the truth!
    I think everyone is just jealous of their talent!
    Everyone needs to get a life and stop hating.

    1. Its not being jealous its just a matter of being aware that these famous singers have great influence in the minds of their young fans

  11. 100& truth. Loved this alot, everything is accurate and well studied. Like you said, the people who throw these words about dont know what their talking about at all. Its very easy to do "research" on video's and songs...etc since there's loads of loonys out there who make posts about them. But its also easy to get the correct facts about the illuminati, like you did.

  12. Well said Tha_Phoenix, intelligent well researched and timely. Putting things in perspective. Great and an illuminating read

  13. Very well said! This Illumanti talk is getting too for out of hand. As you stated in the article if there really is an Illumanti the last people they're trying to recruit are pop stars. People have a very narrow view of the world if they think pop stars have the most power and influence in the world.

  14. What about the coincedences through time? There are a LOT of coincidennces like symbols in their videos that become hard to argue after a while.... Maybe they're not in the illuminati, but have you ever played some of Lil Wayne's lyrics backwards? Jay- Z's song Lucifer???- Lucifer... really; is it that difficult to say that even if they arent trying to take over the world they may not be as God- fearing as many have assumed?.. and they may also be trying to mislead us, or companies that control them may be misleading us?... I have been willing to only see obvious references for a while like the same sacrificial ram reoccuring before I start to question and think the worst; if not anything bad at all? I'm not saying they are part of the illuminati, though 2 Pac referenced them often as well as others.... I'm saying that there may be something tied to these particular objects; an organization or belief. Be that belief satanic or not I would still like to know what these same reoccuring symbols are about.... I can say they all have sex with horses and make it sound true; I could care less about defending these people or not because they're my "favorite artists"...I want to walk right with God, be a Christ- like example for others, not a satanic example.. I also want to be in the music industry.. I want to learn because if it is my calling I would not like to mislead people in my work.... studying God and not being blind to the devils deception can help me accomplish my goal with Gods help.. I'm 16 so please don't go psycho with the replies and ask if I've studied properly because my 16 years may not be enough to completely support a case so I simply seek advice.
    I don't want to wrongfully accuse... I also don't want to be naive and willingly submissive to such causes(if they exist) without question

  15. WOw,You really believe this really believe these ppl aren't in league with Satan! Wow and you profess Christ?! Good luck with that!For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. I'll bet TBN is One of your Favorite wanna be christian stations to watch! You Love your sin that's why you can't see what's right in front of you! Yeshua says," My children perish because of their lack of knowledge!" OH about
    Your ranting up above must be a white person (THE SON OR DAUGHTER OF CAIN THE CURSED ONES) Only they would believe the the lies spewed their father Satan himself! May G-d Have mercy on your Soul!

  16. Finally someone smart! Im so tired of these paranoiac people. Can I listen to Lady Gaga and Madonna without being told to be satanic?? And these artist just make fun of these people. If I was as famous as Gaga, I would just do a video FULL of illuminati sign with more all-seing eye than you can imagine just to check the reaction of people who are starting to make therories and be paranoiac about me creating a new world order xD

  17. OK, first of all, I'm not a fan. Second of all, I'm an agnostic, and thirdly, I'm quite intelligent and sane; not about to run around with a board decreeing the end of the world as we know it etc.

    HOWEVER. As intelligent and reasonable as your article seems, there are some gaping holes. For one, all you really do is make one point: that people need money and power to become an Illuminati member. Then you brush off the things which people have been repeating, calling it "silly" and "funny".

    You mention people such as Barack Obama and David Cameron. Bill Gates and Lackshmi Mittal, and yes, they are extremely rich and mostly extremely powerful people, but they lack the Pied Piper effect that one would be looking for to keep the masses occupied.
    Without these celebrities, the media would have nothing meaningless and unimportant to create news about. Without the unimportant news to keep people occupied, people would concentrate more on finding out what's going on in the world. They would become clever, well-read, inquisitive, and organised. They would also become less lazy, less pretentious, and more compassionate to each other.
    More.... Christian.

    But they do exist, and the media prints endless pointless articles about them. They wear clothes, BAM! They get fat, BAM! They get thin, BAM! They make a perfume, BAM! Here's the new spouse, BAM! And everyone comes running to buy the latest magazine and gossip about it as if its so important.

    And the massive ones, in the charts all the time, sponsoring and endorsing this, that and everything, their songs all have the same or similar beats. The lyrics are completely redundant, and designed to get people's attention, and the videos also. They're bright, dramatic, and dreamlike.

    When you take all this information, and pair it with the suffering education systems, the mindless junk media, the trash TV, and the endless stream of entertainment... you do start to wonder.

    Its not being paranoid, its being aware! There is nothing wrong with that, so do not discredit it! You should encourage the ability to think!

    One of my older friends has a 21 year old daughter. Neither she or her friends know what a President/Prime Minister is. They don't know, nor care who Barack Obama or David Cameron are. This disgusts me in ways you can't imagine. So, for this reason, again... don't discredit people who use their brains for things other than when their next nail appointment is!

  18. Illuminati does exist. and free masons too! there are mason lodges everywhere and lots of my uncles were apart of the cult. and they are christian at that!
    the illuminati is satanic to christians because they believe god created the world. the whooole point to the illuminati is to educate the world of science, nature and just basic science of being human!
    this is a good thing! it never went away because there are always people like myself who agree that this would be a good thing. these singers and actors and corporations who are apart ofthe BUILDERBERG group aka the illuminati are trying hard to dumb down the people who wouldnt survive in a nation like that to give rise to the intelligent people of the world.

    Stop thinking in your shell and realize that the society we live in today
    is nothing like it should be. were all lazy, ignorant, selfish,stuffing our faces with processed foods, full of our selves and relying on others to survive. this is NOT how the human race was meant to live. the illuminati members want to change that and i am completely grateful.

  19. There is indeed a lot of confusion involved when people refer to today's pop stars as ''being Illuminati members''. What most mean, but cannot express eloquently, is that these so-called artists are a negative influence on their usually young fans and that they're playing their part in the moral degradation of western societies. Which is very true. Their curiosity and inclination towards digging deeper should be encouraged, not ridiculed, even if they get things wrong at time. They capture the essential - there's something fundamentally wrong with that music and those people aren't safe to listen to. That's a good start.

  20. Sorry about the typo, I meant ''times''. I submitted my comment too early, without reading enough of the others.
    Those thinking steering clear of the ''paranoia'' is a sane and informed choice are not informed enough. Read about the Frankfurt School, about Adorno, the Huxley brothers and the planned degradation of western civilisations. You'll see most of what they planned more than 50 years ago has largely been accomplished. The evolution of our culture, art and entertainment is not organic - it follows a predetermined path towards overturning all moral values.

    Take this tip - stop merely listening to catchy songs and watching engaging films : check out who's behind them, who came up with the concepts, who sponsored, and you'll make a lot of surprising connections. People are seldom interested in those behind the scenes. They should be.

  21. Just take a look at Lady Gaga's images on Google..absolutely a puppet of up-side down cross sign on top of her "private" part..what kind of catholic or christian girl does that???